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Todak Bigo Agency is one of the biggest agencies, or as a more widely known family in the “Bigosphere”. Why stop now when we can grow even bigger? We aim at catering to the needs of our Bigo viewers from every walk of life. You want to listen to people singing? We got that. You want people to cheer you up when you are down? We got you covered.

Basically, whatever you need, you name it, we got it. On top of that, our hosts enjoy a lot of benefits, such as by having a monthly salary with 5% incentive bonus under the Family Prestige. Our agency is serious in making sure that our hosts are the best out there, therefore, we also provide each one of them training modules and proper facilities in order to assist them in creating high-quality content and complete the tasks given to them. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a part of a big and constantly growing family in Bigo, join us today! Are you interested to become our Host?

Are you interested become our Host?

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